Kyrgyzstan Bares Teeth at Washington

After two decades of accepting American economic and humanitarian support, the government decides its donors are meddling.

Kyrgyzstan’s president has defended a decision to cancel tax exemptions for United States assistance and withdraw diplomatic immunity from aid programme staff. The move is direct retaliation for a US human rights prize awarded to jailed activist Azimjon Askarov.

Syria: My Son, My Protector

A mother forges a strong relationship with her son in the face of divisive family politics.

I will never forget how the day that changed my life unfolded.

It was early evening on September 7, 2007 when the phone started ringing. I picked up the receiver – “Hello…. Fine, thank you, how are you?... What?... No! ... That can’t be!”

My husband and son had been involved in a car accident and had been taken to Al-Kindi hospital.

In Syria, a Mother's Sorrow and Pain

“Heroism will not die with the death of my sons.”

Khaldiya Diyab devotes Thursday mornings to visiting four of her sons. She steps out of her house dressed in black, holding a bunch of flowers she will take to them. 

The four sons lie in a cemetery, casualties of Syria’s unending war.

Khaldiya, 55, comes from a village near Idlib, and she has raised six boys and three girls while also working as a farmhand to support her husband.


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