Tajiks Face New Obstacles to Work in Russia

New work-permit and passport rules could encourage illegal immigration, but there are higher penalties for those who are caught.

New regulations introduced by Moscow this month are likely to make it harder for Tajik labour migrants to work in Russia,  as they will have to collect more documents, sit tests, and apply for a work permit promptly. Failure to do so could lead to them being deported and barred from coming back for up to ten years.

Afghan Hotline Helps Police Fight Crime

Call centre aims to give public a direct role in policing, although not everyone agrees it works all the time.

An emergency hotline to the Afghan police has made easier to report crimes and terrorist attacks, according to participants in debates organised by IWPR across the country.

Speakers in Badakhshan, Herat and Parwan provinces emphasised that the public and the police needed to work together and build mutual trust if they wanted to resolve the country’s security concerns.

Afghans Demand More of Education System

More than three decades of war continue to hamper the school system.

Hundreds of residents of Nangarhar, Khost and Kandahar provinces had a chance to put tough questions to experts and officials in a series of IWPR-organised debates about the effects of conflict on education in Afghanistan.

At a debate held at a girls' school in the Araban neighbourhood of Jalalabad, the administrative centre of the eastern Nangarhar province, participants emphasised that girls had been particularly disadvantaged.


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