Help Needed After Syria's Harsh Winter

Freezing cold weather has added to hardships facing some of the country’s most vulnerable people.

Humanitarian organisations are delivering urgent aid programmes to help needy Syrians affected by a particularly harsh winter.

Aid convoys aimed at helping tens of thousands of people have been dispatched by the Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), a Qatari charity, and the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation.

Will Rejigged Agency Dent Corruption in Armenia?

Reforms mean Anti-Corruption Council will include opposition and NGO representatives for the first time, but will still be led by the prime minister.

“The war on corruption must become more effective, and it must be waged more actively,” Armenian justice minister Hovhannes Manukyan said after it was announced that the national anti-corruption watchdog was being reshaped to make it more inclusive.

But experts doubt this overhaul of the institution will give it the teeth to tackle the corruption that pervades the system.

Upholding the Right to Protest in Afghanistan

Police say they are improving their response to demonstrations.

Afghans are increasingly exercising their right to stage peaceful protests, according to speakers at recent IWPR debates held in four provinces.

Article 36 of the Afghan constitution guarantees citizens the right to stage demonstrations “for legitimate and peaceful purposes”, but public meetings are sometimes broken up violently by police, or hijacked by armed men.


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