Bosnian Serb Brigade Commander "Unaware" of Srebrenica Crimes

Witness denies knowledge of plans for and implementation of mass killings.

A former Bosnian Serb army officer told the trial of Ratko Mladic this week that he was unaware of crimes committed by soldiers in his area of responsibility in the Srebrenica enclave during July 1995.

Georgia to Curb Foreign Land Sales

Government uneasy about its predecessor's free-for-all approach to attracting investment.

Georgia is planning to change the law to make it harder for foreigners to buy farmland. The bill is part of the current ruling coalition’s move away from the open-door investment policy of the last government.

If legislative amendments now before parliament are passed, only foreign nationals who have Georgian spouses or partners will be allowed to acquire agricultural land. If they divorce, they must sell their share of the property within six months.

Personal Debt Crisis Bites in Azerbaijan

Loan repayments have risen by a third, leading to financial misery for borrowers.

The sudden devaluation of Azerbaijan’s currency has hit ordinary people hard, and  two recent suicide cases have been blamed on mounting debt.

The crisis has led to accusations that the banks are breaking the law by passing on the higher cost of consumer debt to their customers.


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