Afghan Women Leaving Journalism

A combination of rising violence and family pressure means that the numbers of female reporters are dwindling.

Hila used to love her job at a privately-owned radio station in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar. She was heartbroken when the deteriorating security situation forced to give up her work as a journalist.

"I used to work in a local media outlet, but my family no longer allows me to do that,” Hila said. “They tell me not to leave the house, because the security situation is not good."

Abkhazia, Georgia's Energy Security at Risk

The Inguri hydroelectric power plant badly needs repairs that would put it out of action for months if not years.

The prospect of large-scale repair work on the Inguri hydroelectric station, crucial for power supplies to both Georgia and Abkhazia, have raised questions about the neighbouring territories’ energy security.

The plant, which straddles both sides of the de facto border, is the only joint Abkhazian-Georgian project.

Activists Dispute Azeri Domestic Violence Figures

Experts warn that the situation has been getting worse, not better.

Women’s rights activists in Azerbaijan have scorned official claims that state policy has led to a dramatic drop in incidents of domestic violence.

The number of cases fell from 4,696 in 2009 to 2,248 in 2015, according to Hijran Huseynova, who chairs the state committee for family, women and children’s affairs.


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