Kazak Government Falls Silent on NGO Law

Authorities have yet to respond to concerns about a bill that civil society groups fear will curb their activities.

As rights activists in Kazakstan warn of increasing pressure on civil society groups, the government appears to have stalled on negotiations about a draft law that critics say would restrict the work of non-government organisations.

Meanwhile, a separate set of proposed amendments to legislation on NGOs, tabled by a pro-government grouping, has been dismissed by other civil society groups.

Let Hope Never Die

Political prisoner meets an innocent abroad.

UK’s armed drones now in Middle East and UK say MoD

reaper being assembled at Kandahar (ops update 26 dec 2010)Following a Freedom of Information request from Drone Wars UK the Ministry of Defence has revealed for the first time that the UK’s Reaper drone fleet has relocated partly to the Middle East and partly to the U


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