Former Guard Denies Witnessing Crimes at Bosnian Serb Camp

Detention centre was site of multiple murders and sexual abuse cases.

A defence witness told the trial of former Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic this week that he saw no crimes being committed at the Susica prison camp during the time he spent working there.

Before the war, Momir Deuric worked for the Territorial Defence in Vlasenica, where he was a security guard at a depot storing military equipment.

In his witness statement, he said that until the early 1990s, “no particular ethnic intolerance or mutual mistrust could be felt”.

Georgians Call for Better Health and Safety at Work

Analysts say government will have to adopt laws to meet European standards sooner or later.

Against a backdrop of frequent workplace accidents, trade unions in Georgia are urging the authorities to push through legislation to improve working conditions.

The Georgian media carry frequent reports about people being killed or injured at work. According to statistics published by the Georgian Trade Union Confederation earlier this month, 46 people have died this year because of safety breaches in the workplace.

Donetsk, Mariupol Await Conflict Resurgence

Talk of new rebel offensive after build-up of troops and hardware in Ukraine’s southeast.

“There’s a new battalion deployed at the checkpoint,” my companion Igor said. “Look at the massive queue to get into Mariupol. It’ll be like that for three days now, until they learn to check just the big things rather than all the minor stuff.”


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